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Power To Your Technique



As we all know, breath is essential. If we don’t breathe we die. In terms of karate, if we don’t breathe properly, we can become winded, letting our techniques deteriorate and making us easy to defeat.

A skilled karateka wins a confrontation usually by retaining their composure through breath control. When we deliver our techniques, the type of breath has to match what we are doing. So, for example, a slow breath must accompany a slow technique. An explosive technique needs explosive breathing (usually a kiai). We have to work on our breathing so we can do multiple techniques with a single breath. The correct breathing will also help us to absorb the force of an attack to the body.

When it comes to fighting effectively, a strong spirit
matters more than technique.

It is important for students to remember that they should never hold their breath (cutting off power) but should always have the correct breathing pattern, whether they are doing kata, kihon, bunkai or kumite. The ability to breathe in quickly, without being noticed, is a valuable skill, because if your opponent can’t discern your breathng cycle, then he can't attack when you are vulnerable (i.e., during inhalation).  


Spirit is what makes a martial artist. I would rather have a student with a great spirit and lesser technique than one who is the opposite. Someone with great spirit is very hard to defeat. A woman, for example, who is attacked and is able to fight back mentally, even if she can’t respond physically, is apt to recover much more quickly emotionally than one who gives up.

And in terms of karate, someone who has good spirit can usually project strong energy in their techniques.



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