New Members

Ryusei Karate-Do Canada would like to welcome two new members. Rick Going (left) and Kambiz Miranbigi (right) are long-time Chito-Ryu members who have now establshed the Ottawa Ryusei Karate dojo.

Rick Going
Rick is a third-degree black belt and has been a member of the Ottawa Chito Kai dojo, under Harvey Brown-Sensei, for 28 years. A former national level kata competitor, Rick often helped teach classes at Ottawa Chito Kai. He has a strong interest in bunkai and has been practising what he calls “renzuku bunkai,” continuous bunkai defenses against multiple attackers. He is interested in exploring Sakamoto-Sensei’s approach to karate, especially the kata and his methods of developing ki (internal energy). In his teaching, Rick wants to pass on to his students what he has gained from the martial arts: a sense of calm when confronted with violent or stressful situations.

Rick works as an architectural draftsman and in construction. His wife, Basia, is a master yoga instructor.

Kambiz Miranbigi
Kam started karate (Kan Zen Ryu) when he was 10 years old, in 1979, and was very competitive in local Kan Zen Kai tournaments. He practised karate on and off for about 15 years and achieved the 1st kyu. In 1999, he joined Ottawa Chito Kai and practised with Harvey Brown-Sensei, Bill Anderson-Sensei and Steve Parker-Sensei for eight years. He achieved his shodan ranking and NCCP (coaching certification) in 2003. He works as the president of a video/photo production and training company located in Aylmer Quebec, called FX Masters, and enjoys creating martial arts movies.