New Technical Advisor

Ryusei Karate-Do Canada is proud to announce that Ted Jungblut-Sensei has agreed to become a special technical advisor to our group. Jungblut-Sensei is one of the best karate fighters and technicians that Canada has ever produced.
He is currently a rokudan (6th degree black belt) in the Tsuruoka Karate Federation and also holds yondan (4th degree black belt) ranking in Chito-Ryu karate. During his competitive career (1969 to ’78), he was the most dominant fighter around, winning the national championships three times (during its first three years) and representing the country in a number of world and international championships. And though in his 60s today, he remains a ferocious fighter.

Jungblut-Sensei’s other achievements include being the national team coach (1985 to ’91), inducted into the National Karate Association (NKA) Hall of Fame (1990), president of the Karate Ontario Association (1985–’87) and first vice-president of the NKA (1986–’88). He currently teaches a dojo in Huntsville, Ontario.

Besides providing advice to our association as far as teaching materials and curriculum, Jungblut-Sensei will open his dojo to visits from our members. We also intend to work with Jennings School of Karate in Bradford to hold a couple of clinics through the year.

Not only can Ryusei members learn a lot about kumite technique from Jungblut-Sensei, he has smooth, flowing and powerful basics and combinations that will give us a better understanding of how to make our technique work.