United States Plans for 2003

It is our aim, in the United States, to diligently study Ryusei Karate in 2003. To make this goal possible, we plan to keep a close working relationship with Ryusei Karate-Do Canada. And, of course, we must stay in contact with Sakamoto-Sensei, who is the overall head (Saiko Shihan) of the new Ryusei Karate-Do organization, which has its headquarters in Japan.

  • It is our hope that Sakamoto-Sensei, or one of his representatives, will come over here regularly to help us in our efforts to understand Ryusei Karate. We also hope to send representatives from North America to train in Japan for this same purpose.
  • I have created an eGroup account on the Internet in order to keep all Ryusei students in contact with one another in North America, to let them know about upcoming events, and to share photos. To find out more about the group, and to sign up, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teamchitoryu.
  • Some of our other goals for 2003 are:
  • To promote, study and test the techniques of Ryusei Karate, because it is my belief that the truth can be found through hard training.
  • To build a proper Ryusei curriculum for student rank testing.
  • To create a new test form for Ryusei promotions, which will also cover Ryusei history.
  • To train students for a demonstration team in order to promote Ryusei Karate in the U.S.A.
  • To start creating a technical manual in order to promote and preserve Ryusei information.
  • To travel to Richmond, VA, for grand opening of the new Ryusei dojo of David Figgs.
  • To host a Ryusei Training Camp at Torakan Karate Dojo.
  • To travel to Canada for training workshops (and have Canadian Ryusei karateka travel here).
  • To run kobudo workshops.
  • To raise funds to pay off old U.S. debts.
  • To run a jujitsu worship with Roger Young-Shihan of the Torakan dojo.
  • To host a jujitsu clinic for Kentucky State Troopers.

—Roland Figgs, Sr.