When the Dust Settles

Last December, Roland Figgs-Renshi, the head of Ryusei Karate-Do U.S.A., and his student, Dusty Stalcup, travelled to Japan to participate in the 18th Ryusei-Hai Tournament and Instructors Clinic in Katsukabe, Saitama in Japan. At the tournament, Figgs-Renshi provided his able officiating expertise, honed by his years as a successful competitor.

For his part, Dusty was the lone American competitor in the Japanese tournament. He faced a tough brand of kumite, with full-contact hand strikes allowed to the body, as well as full-contact kicks to the head and body. When the dust had settled, Dusty did his dojo proud, winning second place in kumite, second in the Chinto kata division, third in open kata and second in weapons.

Congratulations, Dusty. Below are some pictures documenting his battles.