Kei-I Kata I

1. Bassai (moves of a snake, Taikyoku-karate Kata no. 1)
Having an exquisite spirit and an extraordinary character, snakes are very energetic creatures that can make sharp turns. It is said that when two snakes fight, they radiate heavenly spirit. The snake corresponds to the yang in the kidney of a man’s body, and is one of Kan in eight Ka of I Ching (Classic of Changes). Using the snake moves, you can train your waist to make quick moves, because the positive and negative Samskara merge with each other during the actions.

2. Chinto (moves of a hawk)
The hawk is an aggressive animal that can see any movement of its prey. In a body, this bird can bring up the yang (positive) spirit in the kidney towards the head. As an alchemy book says, “It goes up to the head through the spiral cord.” If your Ken is right, the true energy comes back to your brain with the yang spirit and strengthens your eyesight.

3. Sochin (moves of a bull)
More than any other animal, a bull respects justice. It corresponds to the spleen in a body. If your Ken is right, you can have a completely determined will. One of our karate pioneers said, “If you have an honest will, your mind will be right. If your mind is right, you will get a powerful Ken through proper training.”

4. Tenshin (moves of water spiders)
Among all the water insects, the water spider can move its body with the utmost freedom. In a human body it is symbolized by the liver, and can calm a troubled mind. If your Ken is right, you can make your bones and muscles strong and keep your muscles flexible. This is “to follow the logic of Heaven.”

5. Rohai (moves of crane and heron, Taikyoku-karate Kata)
The objective of this kata is to boost our energy. The harshness of technique is hidden in the elegance of each move of this kata. It symbolizes the first move of yin spirit in a body. With this kata you can get the power of your lower limbs to come upwards and make the spirit in your head go down. If your Ken is right, then you can radiate the real spirit from your body and limbs.

Kei-I Kata II
The following kata, part of Kei-I Kata II, can engage our feelings as well as our mind.
1. Sanshiru (Emotional Kata)
This kata nourishes feelings of joy and happiness, and can absorb the real spirit of the earth into your body. (Note: Sakamoto-Sensei performs the kata as if he were drunk.)
2. Kusanku (Lyrical Kata)
This kata encourages and expresses feelings. It is also called “moving Zen.”

Koryu Kata
1. Ryushan
“Ryu” means “dragon” and “shan” means “mountain.”
2. Tensho
3. Unsu
4. Seichin (includes the movements of a monkey)
5. Hoen (a primitive kung fu form)

In addition to these kata, Ryusei Karate-Do includes training in bunkai, such as Niseishi, Henshuho and Nage no Kata, and weapons: kon (bo), sai, tonfa, nunchuku, kama, sansetsu kon, hidden weapons and others.