Ryusei Karate Do is a traditional Okinawan fighting art (kempo-bujustu) that combines the technique and spirit of Chito-Ryu karate with the ancient Okinawan martial art of todi. Chito-Ryu karate was founded by Master Chinen Kinchoku (who renamed himself Tsuyoshi Chitose), the Sixth Master of Todi.

As a fighting art, Ryusei Karate-Do includes the hand and foot strikes typically associated with karate, as well as throws, joint locks and pressure-point tactics derived from Okinawan todi. Ryusei karate is also dedicated to the cultivation of ki (internal energy) in its techniques and teaches the Okinawan art of weaponry, whose arsenal includes the bo (staff), sai (truncheon), nunchuku and tonfa (grindstone handle).

The Ryusei Karate-Do Federation was founded in 1997 as the governing organization of the karate style. The founder of the Kumamoto, Japan-based organization and the chief instructor of Ryusei Karate-Do is Ken Sakamoto.